Frequently Asked Questions

What is haute couture lingerie?

Haute couture refers to a method of patternmaking, fabric selection, design, and sewing techniques. At Creativ Dezign, we apply haute couture techniques to every aspect of our garments, from the measurement and design process to the details in construction.

Why does a custom bra cost so much?

First of all, some ready-to-wear bras cost $300 or more, and it is almost certain that they will not fit you. The custom bra-making process requires expert skills in fitting and sewing. We also use premium materials; none of which come from China. The combination of perfect fit, high quality materials, and impeccable construction are what you are paying for when you purchase a custom bra. Not only will you feel the difference in terms of comfort and fit, you will also see how different your silhouette looks. Compare that to how much money you have spent so far on bras that do not fit, and you will see that a custom bra is money well spent.

Is a custom bra really necessary?

If you choose to wear a bra, then the answer is yes. When a bra is not made to fit your unique proportions, all sorts of problems arise. Deep grooves on the shoulders, bulges of tissue on the back and chest, migraines, and skin rashes and infections are just some examples. Once the tissue develops bulges and creases, it takes a very, very long time for the tissue to regain its original shape. Furthermore, when breasts are tightly confined in an ill-fitting bra, toxins in the breast tissue become trapped and your body’s ability to get rid of these toxins becomes restricted. Over time, these trapped toxins can cause diseases like cancer.

What are the benefits of wearing a custom bra?

A custom bra is made to fit you, and only you. Just as each of us has a different arrangement of facial features, so it is for our bodies. There are many measurements that are needed to make a perfectly fitted bra because no two women have identical breasts. Often, the breasts on the same woman are not identical. Once you try on a custom bra that was made for you, you will notice right away how different it feels on your body. You will also notice how much better your silhouette looks compared to what you are currently wearing.

What makes your custom bra-fitting different?

When we measure you, we take into account not just breast size, but breast shape and your unique wireline contour. We also take into account your unique breast spacing that gives a well-proportioned appearance. These factors combined with our pattern design allow us to fit any breast shape, whether it is conical, round, pendulous, bottom-heavy, full-on-top, or even shallow.

My skin is very sensitive. How are your bras different?

We use European silk and rayon, and organic cotton for all our bras. These are the finest fabrics of the highest quality. Each of these fabrics is very soft to the touch and does not make the skin itch or form rashes. We also cover all seams so that the inside of our bras is just as beautiful and comfortable as the outside.

I have two breasts that are a different size. Can you fit me?

Most women have slight differences in the size of their breasts. Sometimes the position, size, and length of the nipples is also not the same on a woman. Depending on the woman, these differences can sometimes be noticeable. When we measure you, we take into account any asymmetry that you may have and make a pattern that will fit you.

What is the difference between a bustier and a corset?

A corset has no straps and has no cups. It is a garment that presses the breasts against the chest and has bones to maintain its shape. A bustier has cups, so the breasts are supported much like in a bra. A bustier can be made with or without straps. Bones can also be used in a bustier if a stiffer shape is required, or if the bustier is strapless. Both corsets and bustiers can be worn as part of an evening or wedding outfit, if an appropriate fabric is used.

What is the best way to clean my custom bras?

Hand wash each garment in a natural soap detergent, rinse gently, and let it hang to dry. Do not use harsh detergents or bleach. Do not put bras in a dryer. If you take good care of your custom bras and rotate the days that you wear them, they should last for a year or more.