Stylish Merino Warmth

At Creativ Dezign, we have a new design of a wrap featuring twice knitted stitches in a warm and very soft 100% worsted merino wool. Our twice knitted design is clean, sophisticated, and very chic.

Twice knitted stitches create a very stable fabric that has both visual and tactile texture. And because the knitted fabric is structurally stable, the wrap will last a long time.

But do not let the stability of the stitches fool you. The wrap is also stretchy and conforms beautifully to the body of the person wearing it.

The wrap can be worn rolled around the neck as shown, or left to lay flat. Either way, you will stay warm when you drape this wrap over your shoulders.

The top edge is an exclusive smooth finish, while the two edges that lead to the lower point are delicately festooned to create just the right amount of texture.

twice-knit-wrap-front twice-knit-wrap-back

We also have a stole design in 100% worsted merino wool that features a soft, wavy appearance. It is long enough to wrap loosely around the neck, and it ends with asymmetric curlicues.


These accessories can be made in a variety of colours and natural materials to suit your personal preference and style. And as with all our garments, they are 100% hand-made with love and pride.